How to Make Effective & Engaging Lecture Videos


This is a short 7-part series on how to make effective and engaging lecture videos, sharing many of the tips and tricks I used in my own course (which students feedback as helpful to their own learning). I hope this can be a valuable resource for anyone who needs to create online lecture videos.

Lesson 1: Why Students Struggle to Watch Lecture Videos

Before we begin making lecture videos, it’s important for us to take a step back and analyse why students struggle watching lecture videos. Only then can we take steps to mitigate those problems and make the experience of learning online so much better.

Lesson 2: Less is More

The length of lecture videos play an important role in helping students stay engaged. So less is more! The less we say, the more effective their learning will be.

Lesson 3: How to be Engaging in Front of the Camera

If we want to make your lecture videos engaging, we need to do more than just read aloud a script or the contents on our slides. We need to be mindful that the camera makes us appear dull and less energetic than we normally are. So here are some tips and tricks to sound and appear engaging on camera!

Lesson 4: How to Film Yourself Without Feeling Weird About It

Recording lectures on your own can be a very strange experience. It feels weird talking to a camera, and it also feel weird watching recordings of ourselves. So here are some tips and tricks to overcome that feeling of weirdness, so that you can be and feel more natural on camera!

Lesson 5: How to Captivate the Learner Till the End

Because many students struggle with online learning, they will try to take shortcuts to avoid watching all the lecture videos, sometimes to their own detriment. One common problem is that students don’t finish watching every lecture video. So here are some tips and tricks you can use to keep them captivated to watch your videos all the way to the end!

Lesson 6: How to Motivate Students to Watch Lecture Videos

Lecture Quizzes aren’t very effective in motivating students to watch lecture videos. Students have found ways to score for quizzes without watching the lecture videos. So here are some ideas on what we can do to make them want to watch our videos!

Lesson 7: Tips and Tricks for Good Lighting and Audio (and more!)

In this video, I’ll show you how you can make great quality lecture videos at home without spending any money (or very little money if you feel you have to buy something). I’ll also share some additional tricks you can use to make your videos engaging!