I’d like to share with you some of the educational resources that I have developed over the years. I hope you find them useful! :)

How to Make Effective & Engaging Lecture Videos

This is a short 7-part series on how to make effective and engaging lecture videos, sharing many of the tips and tricks I used in my own course (which students feedback as helpful to their own learning). I hope this can be a valuable resource for anyone who needs to create online lecture videos.

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How to Effectively Engage Students Through Various Pedagogical Methods

A series of articles on how to better engage students both online and offline, through various learning activities such as tutorials and assignments.

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Questioning the Process of Questioning: Conceptual Tools to Enhance Your Metacognitive Abilities

Here are some supplementary resources I wrote for my students when I taught the module, GEQ1000 “Asking Questions.” These resources explore how we think about thinking, how we question questions, and theories of theory-making. Learning about the questioning processes employed by different academic disciplines can help generate mental flexibility to problem-solving, as you acquire new methods and new perspectives for examining a particular problem.

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