System Maintenance


I’m so glad that recess week is here. Apart from doing work, I finally found the time to carry out a long needed system maintenance on both laptops.

What makes this round of tweaking really exciting is that, thanks to my professor who introduced me to a really awesome online service, I have now configured my laptops in such a way that their working folders are now synchronised with each other, every time they are connected to the internet.

This way, I do not ever have to e-mail myself nor struggle to find a thumbdrive.

Now, my lecture notes, assignments, work, organiser spreadsheet, and todo list are all synchronised with each other. There is great potential in this new set up. The possibilies of what amazing things can be done from now onwards are vast.

Plus… I have just created an all-black colour scheme for my secondary laptop (the smaller one) after re-installing everyone on it again. Having an all-black Microsoft Word, with a black background and grey texts, amidst a monochrome photo of a city at night. It’s a wonderful mix of black, greys, and white. (Very energy efficient too!)

Simply beautiful. Simply amazing.